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News Archive > General > Councilís £46k trip to France

Councilís £46k trip to France

By Natasha Swift 21st March 2018

Councilís £46k trip to France

CORNWALL Council has come under fire for “pleading poverty” when asked to fill in potholes, cut the grass or keep toilets open, but managing to find nearly £50,000 to send a team on a “jolly” to the south of France. 

The local authority stumped up £46,600 for staff, including chief executive, Kate Kennally, to spend four days at the MIPIM real estate conference which took place at the Palais des Festivals - a convention centre where the Cannes Film Festival is held - last week...

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By Natasha Swift 21st March 2018

oldandugly 21st March 2018 13:50
I totally understand why they did it, what I don´t understand is why we let them get away with it? Either demand justification for blowing a bucket load of our money or resignations. But I guess like this and all the other rubbish it will be forgotten and life will go on as usuel????
san 21st March 2018 20:40
What is this Cornwall council think they are doing with the funds of rate payers in Cornwall
They are not put in to waste money they are elected to spend with care not a jolly in south of France what next, this needs to be looked in to now
so this does not happen again so please do.
Alan Orme 18th April 2018 21:50
I have just read the article again, and thinking about it they spent the best part of £2000 A DAY EACH on what?
They could have bought according to NHS stats 4 replacement hip operations, they could have had lower rates. Oh but they didn´t, they just went first class all the way on our money.
Oldandugly 8th August 2018 17:46
Just as an on the side. Who booked this jolly & thought the cost of the hotel alone was good value, certainly re-educate them.
Who in accounts signed off the £46k & didn´t ask any questions! SACK PERSON NOW!
Just one more thing, I suggest we ask the revellers for £30k from there personal account, I´ll lay odds they take a different view on what´s good value & what´s not in the future.
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